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We are one of the oldest clinics established in KPHB and Bhagyanagar area of Kukatpally, Hyderabad in the year 1986 and is being run by Dr M. Satyanarayana, Family Physician. We are committed to cater the basic health care needs of individuals through Health Education, Counseling, Web Based Interactive Tutorials, Clinical Evaluation and Treatment with the experience and expertise in the field of modern medicine for the last twenty five years.We try to build up trustworthy relationship between patient and doctor by giving personalized patient care. To heal suffering of the needy with compassion, we provide dependable health care with in the reach of a common man.

Story Behind Our Name :

The name “ASWINI” commemorates the two Divine Physicians “ THE ASWINI DEVATAS ”. According to Hindu mythology, they are twins going around the earth in a three wheeled chariot drawn by three horses. It is believed that they help the mankind during health crisis. As per Hindu Mythology, Devatas (Gods) and Rakshasas (Demons) churned the Ksheera Sagaram (Ocean of Milk) for seeking Amrutha (Nectar of Immortality). A number of things emerged out of the ocean during this process. Some of them are Kamadhenu (A Holy Cow), Kalpavruksha (Wish Fulfiling Sacred Tree), Goddess Lakshmi (Sign of Prosperity), Chandra (The Moon), Halaahala (The Poison) and Dhanvantari with Amrutha in his hand. “Dhanvantari” is considered to be the God of ancient medicine. The disciple of Dhanvantari is “Charaka”. We get ancient knowledge of Medicine and Surgery from the inscriptions of “Charakasamhita” and “Susrutasamhita” respectively. Vedas are ancient doctrines of great knowledge. The major Vedas are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvanaveda. Each Veda has an Upaveda (Sub Veda). Ancient medicine is considered as Upaveda of Rigveda and Antharveda (Internal Part) of Atharvanaveda. Ancient medicine is a sacred science of life. It helps the mankind to lead a healthy physical life with sound mind and also it is treated as a Panchamaveda (Fifth Major Veda). In it there are some “Paramparas” called Daivaparampara, Sidhdhaparampara and Rishiparampara. According to Daivaparampara, the art of medicine is transformed from Lord Brahma to Aswini Devatas (The Divine Healers) through Prajapati, Son of Brahma. Aswini Devatas in turn taught this art to Indra. Indra revealed this to a saint called Bharadwaja. According to Rishiparampara, the God of medicine Dhanavantari taught this Art to Susruta, then it was transferred in succession to Vaitharana, Gopura Rakshita and Karaveera, then to Kashyapa, from him it was transferred to Arti, Bhrugu and Vasishta. We remember our Mythological Ancestors and initiators of the Art of Medicine through “ASWINI DEVATAS”.

Hippocrates - Examining a Child
Laennec - Inventor of Stethoscope
Susruta - Surgeon of Ancient India


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